Q: "Yo, there is this super dope photo on your Instagram, homie, but not on your website. Can I still get its awesomeness printed?
A: In most cases the answer is yes. Screenshot the photo, send it to me, and let me know what medium and size you wanted it in. We shall talk from there.

Q: "I have this space on my wall that is empty and needs filling but don't know what would look best. Can you help me out?"

A: For sure! Send me some pictures of the room, measurements for the space, your price range, and we can go from there. Or just invite me over and I'll take a look myself and we can discuss some options.

Q: "I have this super cool/cute/funny idea involving your photo but want like my face photoshopped in the clouds and the print in the shape of a heart. Can you make this a reality?"
A: I'd love to! Hit me with all your crazy, creative, funny ideas that you want printed and I can try to make it happen. There will probably be a small fee for Photoshop work though.

Q: "I'm a little overwhelmed by all the choices. Like what the hell is metallic paper? What is a multi-panel canvas?"
A: Along with making more options available, it also can make it seem like there are too many options. Always feel free to ask any questions via emailFacebook, text, ect. Or give me your ideas and price range and I'll toss the best options at you.

Q: "Can I just print one of your photos myself?"
A: No. I mean you can try but all the online versions are not high enough quality for a physical print. Plus that is super shady and actually illegal. I work really hard on all my photography stuff, please just spend the few extra bucks and support me. :)

Q: "But I have another question you didn't answer."
A: Email me, text me, Facebook Message me. Just contact me in anyway to ask. :)

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