Purchasing Prints
My goal is not to make a killing selling you all prints, just some money to support me in upgrading gear and continue traveling. Almost all of the cost (about 75-90%) on most prints are what I pay to have the photo printed on canvas, metal, paper, ect. If the prices are too high on canvas, metal, or framed prints you can order some smaller paper prints if you really want to support me. :)

The cheapest option is to simply order a 13x19 print. I print these directly from home on my own high quality Canon photo printer. The most expensive are metal and framed prints. Metal are expensive because they are very durable and sexy, and they just cost a lot to order. Framed prints are expensive because it takes a lot of time finding a frame and matting for a specific print, and neither of those things are cheap either. Canvas prints sit somewhere in the middle price wise, but always look great on any wall.

I am trying to make this process as simple while still providing people the freedom to choose from many different options. Below I have detailed most of the steps and listed the most common sizes. Basically it all comes down to 4 steps:
1. Select a photo from my website
2. Choose a medium
3. Choose a size and shape (if applicable)
4. Let me know! :)

Now for the details...

Prices (sorted by medium and then by size)
18x24 - $70
20x30 - $85
40x60 - $320

14x14 - $55
30x30 - $140

16x48 - $85
*Multi-panel canvas and other sizes also available*

13x19: $20 (semi-gloss)
20x30: $35 (luster, matte, or gloss)
20x30: $40 (metallic)

20x20: $30 (metallic)
20x20: $25 (luster, matte, or gloss)
24x24: $40 (luster or metallic)

6x18: $15 (luster, matte, gloss, or metallic)
12x36: $35 (metallic)
12x36: $30 (luster, matte, or gloss)

*a multitude of other paper sizes available*

All framed prints will have to be discussed in detail with me (there are so many options to choose from!). But if you happen to have a frame and matting already I can easily print a photo at the specific size you need.

Metal are the most durable and sexy of all prints but they also come at a high cost (20x30 ~ $210). If you want something that will last through the ages this is your best bet. Contact me for more info.

Relaying Your Photo Choice
There are three ways to do this. The easiest is to go on my Facebook Page and find the photo in the similar titled album and message the link to me. Another option is to tell me the website album and the number of the photo if counting down from the top (i.e. Winter #8). The third way is to describe the photo but only do this is you are sure of the location.

Processing and printing times vary for each medium. Most canvas prints are done in a week or less. 13x19 photos are printed within 24 hours. 20x30 non-metallic photos are ready in a couple days. All other paper photos take about 2 weeks or less. Metal photos vary but are usually less than 2 weeks. Framed photos take anywhere from a couple days to 2 weeks. 
*If I am traveling some of these timelines could be pushed back a couple days or more. I can order most photos on the road but not pick them up or deliver them*
**This does not include delivery times. See below for more information**

I can delivery to anyone in the Redding area for free. I can also do the Bay Area as well, though this may take an extra week or three, depending on when I next head down there. Otherwise I can ship anything to anyone anywhere but the cost is on you.

The simplest payment method (for me) is Venmo (https://venmo.com/). Cash or check upon delivery also works for orders less than $100. If neither of these work we can figure something else out.

Feel free to contact me via email patrickmueller67@gmail or Facebook message (preferably my photography account (https://www.facebook.com/patrickmuellerphoto/)) regarding any desired orders, questions, or comments. Text also works for very simple paper orders.

Some photos are better suited for certain sizes and mediums depending on the aspect ratio, colors, detail, or noise. Therefore I may try and convince you to select a different size, shape, or medium depending on the photo. If you really like a certain photo I welcome you to ask what I think the best option for display is. :)

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